Corporate Culture:
Sincere and pragmatic;
Quality assurance;
Innovative service;
Win-win cooperation; 
In order to realize the social mission of the enterprise, we have been constantly creating comfortable and attractive new life values:
1. Take the customer's demand as the guidance, meet the customer's demand, and provide excellent products to customers responsibly;
2. Based on a solid business base, flexibly respond to the changes of the times and create a new era;
3. Improve independent R & D capability and actively explore new market demand;
4. Be responsible for the earth's environment, carry out business activities, and increase investment in environmental protection;
5. Create a warm working environment and provide comfortable life for employees;

Action Guidelines:
1. Being of willingness to continue to challenge the future;
2. Being of rich and individual ideas;
3. Being of broad international vision and a sense of symbiosis with society;
4. Being of positive communication;
5. Being of correct and prompt decision and implementation;

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